Profile of Kei Hata

Current Responsibilities

  • Chairperson of Sakushin Gakuin (educational corporation)
  • Ph.D in Science Policy
  • Director of Galerie du Temps


1984 Graduated from the Department of French Literature at the School of Letters, Arts and Sciences I, Waseda University.
1984 Entered NHK. Became the youngest newscaster ever to anchor NHK News 7. Newscaster for a variety of other programs on news, science and lifestyle information.
1989 Left NHK. As a freelance newscaster, anchored numerous news programs including Sunday Project on TV Asahi
1992 Upon receiving an invitation from the European Community (now known as the European Union), studied abroad in Paris. Majored in cultural policy and cultural management at the ISMC (Institute of Super Management Culture), and in art history at the L’Ecole de Louvre.
1995 Announced her candidacy for the House of Councillors election and won her first election (served until 2001).
2000 Became Vice-President of Sakushin Gakuin.
2001 Entered a doctoral program at Ochanomizu University Graduate School (First ever incumbent member of the House of Councillors to enroll in a doctoral program).
2003 Opened the Galerie du Temps in Minami-Aoyama.
2008 Completed the doctoral program at Ochanomizu University Graduate School (obtained a Ph.D in Science Policy).
2013 Became Chairperson of Sakushin Gakuin.